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I have two comcast account numbers tied to a single user name. I recently switched to a seasonal service for one of my accounts, which is an off-season, limited service for the winter. After doing that, my Xfinity TV app (both iPad and iPhone) does not allow me to access my full channel service (i.e. no sports, etc...just a few basic channels...same as limited plan). Despite spending 3 hours on the phone with Comcast support, I really couldn't get them to understand the situation (they had me re-install, etc...nothing worked). The TV App uses my username for logon. I does it know which account to access in order to provide my TV App channels? They don't know the answer. Frustrated in the service, customer support, etc., as the hours spent were fruitless. They have no solution and I don't think they understand the problem. It worked just 2 weeks ago when I had full service on both accounts tied to my username. Help! Thanks

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