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Can I change channels on my TV from the XFINITY TV app or portal?

This was your answer:
Please use the XFINITY TV Remote app, which is available in the App Store or Google Play, to quickly and easily find and tune your TV to the shows you love.

Well, when I tried to download the app I was directed to Itunes & they wanted me to pay for it. Also when I went to the App Store in Windows 10 there was no such app. WHAT GIVES? I need an answer soon or me and Comcast are going to part company & I will find a provider who will provide me with a tv grid guide that I can use to change channels, set recordings, and give me a guide that is simple to use, which is what Comcast had before they improved it with the 'new experience.' What a mess! If this is supposed to be an improvement to your service, please do us a favor and don't try to improve your service anymore.

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