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On Wednesday, April 20, 2016, Comcast announced that it has partnered with Roku and Samsung to launch a new XFINITY TV partner app on Roku devices and 2016 Samsung Smart TVs later this year.

We are in the development stages of the partnership and details are still being determined. We will continue to communicate and update this thread as more details on this partnership are available.

Here are some questions and answers:

When will the XFINITY TV partner app be available on Roku and 2016 Samsung Smart TVs?

  • We are still in the development phases of the partnership, but hope to launch the XFINITY TV partner app to these devices before the end of 2016.

What programming and features will be available with the XFINITY TV partner app?

  • XFINITY Guide
  • Live and On Demand programming, including:
    • Local broadcasts
    • Cable programming
    • Premium networks
    • Public, Educational and Governmental (PEG) Channels
  • Cloud DVR recordings

What customers will be eligible for the app?

  • At this time, we are still determining eligibility for the XFINITY TV partner app. More information will be available later this year when we are ready to launch the app.

Will customers still need a TV box to access the XFINITY TV partner app on Roku devices and 2016 Samsung Smart TVs?

  • No, the XFINITY TV partner app will provide access to the channels and features listed above without the need for a TV box.

We know you may have many more questions, we will be providing updates and any additional information as it becomes available here, on this thread.

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