Xfinity TV user interfaces - XFinity

How on God's earth does one watch real time TV? Every time you login it comes back and asks you to login in again. I have logged in over a dozen times in the past one hour and still no clue as to what to do. Your interface is without any doubt the lousiest user interface that I have ever come across. And I am one of those who spend at least six to seven hours a day working on computers, writing software, and yes creating user interfaces. Why do I have to constantly log almost every time I go to a new page to which the link on a previous directed me to go? Till about a month ago it was a lot simpler. You click on the Xfinity TV button the drop down menu will come and you could pick up the channel you wanted to watch. Now it is impossible to do that. Instead one has to through one silly interface after another and there is no end. So "smart" guy has designed this incredibly"stupid" and "useless" interface - I wish I could use a stronger term - and no one in your organization has checked it