xfinity website super slowness



Trying to watch a pixlated version of Nova I think that maybe my X1, fastest in the business tv broadcast might not come in with so much pixlation and sound dropouts if I choose the low definition of this presentation. I go to the xfinity channel lineup online. This was stupidly, painfully slow. Then, as I remember from previous attempts to use your website, that there is a Flash issue. Even on Win 10, with Flash Player included and enabled at every other encounter online, Flash must be enabled here. Ok, 15 mins. in now I"m on your site. As with every time I've tried to benefit from something that your site could provide, I'm introduced the SLOWEST SITE ONLINE! It's amazing, an F/U from your website too. Two and three minute waits between any single page. All this from the fastest internet available. So, you have a service and support regimen that consumes hours upon hours to get a resolution and even your own website is a complicated F/U to your customers. $3,708.00 a year for substandard frustration. It's simple, I have to find a non comcast way to recieve sources of intertainment. Super expensive Comcast, misery, hmm?

"xfinity website super slowness," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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