XG1-A vs RNG200N



I have had a Cisco XG1-A box for some time. About a year ago, I had to restart the box on a frequent basis. Comcast sent a RNG200N replacement. I think that is old equipment. I ended up going to the Comcast center and trading it and my XG1-A in for a "used, rebuilt" XG1-A". Wouldn't you know that about 2 weeks ago it started doing the same thing my old XG1-A box was doing. I ended up having to restart it every single morning. So I called and Comcast sent me another RNG200N. It looks old and beat up. They claim it does everything the XG1-A box does but I would have to program my existing voice remote to make it work. I think this is bunk.

"XG1-A vs RNG200N," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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