XG1v4 Box - Fair Warning!!! - Non DVR cable box with surround sound.



I have an LG OLED TV good to 4K along with a Marantz 7005 surround sound amplifier. I was given this box (which it sound like some of you are looking for) to replace my DVR that gave out. When I got it home, after about 10 hours on the phone and my solving the problem for Xfinity, I found out that this box will not work with my Marantz 7005. Tech Support told that put some type of security software on to protect me from copying shows. I don't even have any recording equipment hooked to my system to copy shows. Everything works perfectly until I hook the Xfinity DVR box to my Marantz amp. Tech Support told me my amp is out of date and I have to buy a new one. (I ask for an old one that would work with my Amp and they said they can provide that.) All Xfinity provides is a signal and I do have a signal so I am out of luck. They couldn't even promise a new amp would work. Buyer beware. They said I have to bypass my amp and listen through the two TV speakers.

I did figured out a work around by moving non-DVR box to my main listening room and the XG1v4 to my Den. The non-DVR box does work with my Marantz amp but it doesn't have Surround Sound capabilty. Does anyone know if Xfinity has a non-DVR cable box with surround sound that might work with my Marantz?

"XG1v4 Box - Fair Warning!!! - Non DVR cable box with surround sound.," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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