XG1v4 no longer auto-detecting TV resolution after possible OTA update



Hi all,

Looking for some inputs as to next steps here. I have a XG1v4 box, Denon AV receiever which handles switching, and an LG 55" OLED B7A. Wiring is Box -> Denon via HDMI, Denon to TV via HDMI over an ARC port.

Up until last week, all of these items were playing well together. Some point last week, the box received an OTA update. Since that update, every time we turn the tv on, it defaults to 4:3 480p resolution as opposed to 16:9 4k. Prior to that, there were no issues. After several days of manually modifying the resolution, the box eventually went black screen only despite reset and power down, as well as attempts to interact with it remotely by comcast. So I took that box back and got a new XG1v4.

Plugged in the second box. Worked correctly for about 8 hours, power down and restart maintained the appropriate resolution. After about 8 hours however, it began to again exhibit the same behavior, where it maintained appropriate resolution if left on, but when turning the power off and on again, would restart in 4:3, requiring manual resolution resetting. Took that box back, acquired a THIRD XG1v4.

With the third XG1v4 I saw the exact same behavior, only this time I witnessed a reboot. Approximatley 6 hours after having the new box setup, working well with detecting the resolution, powering it down and back on again with it maintaining 16:9 4k, it rebooted itself, came back online, and was again only in 4:3 mode, requiring manual setitng to 16:9. As with the other boxes, it works fine in 16:9 until you turn it off, and then when turning it back on it reverts to 4:3, requiring manual reset.

Is anyone else experiencing this behavior? The repeated behavior of the box working for several hours and then rebooting and functioning in this manner really makes me wonder if an update is being pushed that is inadvertantly causing this behavior? Thoughts?

"XG1v4 no longer auto-detecting TV resolution after possible OTA update," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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