XG1v4 will not activate



I just picked up a new DVR box(XG1v4) to swap out an older HD DVR box. I have it hooked up and went through the menus to set it up. At first I got a message saying they need more account info and call the listed #. I did and they troubleshooted on the phone. They entered the Serisal # of the box and sent a signal. Now I get a message saying "The Device needs to be activated" and to call the Xfinity #. I did and they are saying they cannot activate the new box. My options are to go back to the store and get ANOTHER new box. Or wait for a technician which is 3 days out......

There are 2 serial #s on the new Xg1v4. One is on the bar code that says "CC SN" the other is under the model 3 that just says "SN" I gave them the "SN" and they said that is the correct one, I have a feeling they are entering the wrong SN in. I really do not want to go back to the store as I feel how is it possible to get a box that is DOA for activation?

"XG1v4 will not activate," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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