Xi6 Flex box live tv question



I currently have the XG1V4 4k DVR. I went to my Xfinity store yesterday to inquire about adding non-DVR 4k companion boxes to my other TVs. They showed me the xi6 flexbox and said it works just like your other companion cable boxes, except it connects via wifi instead of RG6 coax cable and you can install a bunch of apps and view 4k material on demand. This sounded great, but the more I read about these flexboxes it seems that you can not watch live TV on them. I can't turn the channel to 804 to watch my local ABC-HD or 850 for ESPN HD.

Can someone clarify if I can watch my cable channels on these flex boxes, or is there another companion box I can ask for to watch live TV that supports 4K output?


"Xi6 Flex box live tv question," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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