Xi6 Live TV connectivity issues



I have upgraded 3 of of my cable boxes in my household to the xi6 4k units. Because of the size of the house, I have Ubiquiti AP's which have no WPS feature, so I have all 3 hardwired into the network. A photo is attached.

Each time I restart the unit, the Xi6 boxes load up and then a black screeen appears with no live tv, I am able to access the menu and go on apps like youtube and watch videos with no problem. I have found a work around where after going on Demand, and watching the start of a free movie, I hit the channel button to return to LIVE TV and the picture is up. However this seems to only last a day and I have to do the same going on Demand process again.

The main DVR is the 4k XGIV4. I went to a comcast store and the rep gave me the XI6 boxes and said the setup would be rather simple. Thankfully I have ethernet at each of the tv locations.

If the picture doesn't load, here is a google drive link to it showing my wired setup.

Untitled3 (1).png

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