Xi6 Live TV Freezing Constantly



My Setup:

xFi Advanced Gateway = XB6 (ARRIS TG3482G)
Main X1 TV Box = ARRIS XG1v4
Bedroom 1 = Arris Xi6 Connected Wirelessly
Bedroom 2 = Arris Xi6 Connected through Ethernet

Here's my issue:

The Xi6 devices within my two bedrooms are horrible for Live or Recorded TV. This has been going on for a long time, and I assumed it was related to my WiFi being in high demand. However, this is honestly not true based on two factors:

  • I have moved one of the boxes to an ethernet connection and show that this device is not using WiFi via my xFi app. The other remains on WiFi in an adjacent room. Still freezes as though I am losing connection.
  • I use the apps on the Xi6 devices quite often (Netflix, Prime, etc.) with absolutely no studder, no loose of signal, all while streaming at 4K UHD resolution.

I’ve replaced the box that was ethernet assuming the issue had to be the device. No changes. Granted, I have called Comcast to troubleshoot. I’ve restarted the device. I’ve restarted XG1v4, reset my gateway, checked lines cables, even switched HDMI cables (again, no issue with streaming through these devices, just live or recorded cable TV). I have no issues with my XG1v4, only the Xi6 devices…. Whats the deal? Feel like paying the additional $10 per month for each of these devices is a total waste of money, but we love the ability to have the voice remote and the integration of cable TV with our streaming services.

Please help!

"Xi6 Live TV Freezing Constantly," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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