XiD Boxes Disconnecting Once Per Week



Starting about 3 weeks ago and happening about every week and half like clock work my Pace XiD X1 boxes all disconnect. We wake up in the morning and have the following message:

"Sorry, we're having some trouble. Please tighten your cable connect and then restart your TV box, which can often fix this." RDK-10000. All my connections are good as I checked them the last time this happened.

The only option is to restart, which brings you through the WELCOM TO XFINITY message and then lands you back on the error message after several minutes.

I have a XG1v4 DVR connected to 2 XiD boxes. The I have the XG3 Xfinity Gateway.

The ONLY thing they fixes this is if I go to the main DVR box, which is working perfectly when this happens, and issue a SYSTEM REFRESH via the help menu. Once it finishes everything is back to normal. Sometimes for a week or more. I read in another post that rebooting your Cable Gateway for Moca works, but in my case that will not fix it. Only refreshing the main DVR box works.

I noticed a few more posts on the forums lately about this. I also noticed we recieved a newer version of the guide. Since these boxes have worked for sometime without issue and nothing has changed in my house, it would seem this is a software change?

Also, it only happens overnight. We never lose them during hours we are awake.

Suggestions? I don't want to go swapping all my equipment and find out this is a known issue.

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