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OK a couple weeks ago I posted in here that I could not get my XiD-C's (I have 2) to talk to the X1 DVR. Someone very kind helped me troubleshoot that. The XiD-C in one room actually worked perfectly for about an hour and a half. Since then the XiD-C will not get Live TV (Won't Acquire a tuner??) I can access the DVR functionality, but no Live TV.

My cable comes into my master bedroom closet and I have an Amplifier with a MoCa Filter on it. Originally to get the XiD-C to work it was suggested to remove the MoCa filter. That doesn't "Seem" to make a difference.

I was also told to put the X-1 DVR on Port 1 and the XiD-C's on Ports 2 and 3. The one XiD-C that can connect is on Port 2 and the one that still cannot connect is on Port 3.

When I turn everything on I just get a blank black screen and if I try to tune to a channel (channel doesn't make a difference) I get an XRE-100007 error "Sorry that didn't go as planned" with an option to Restart Everything. Doing that doesn't do anything, I come back with the same error. I've also done a "System Refresh" so many times that it won't let me do it anymore without calling into XFinity.

Having the MoCa Network enabled or disabled on my router doesn't seem to make any difference either.

In a past life I was a network engineer, give me something with CAT5 and I can probably figure it out. But this makes ZERO sense to me. If anyone has any ideas I'd LOVE to hear them.

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