XR 15 remote and Samsung TV



Just got service with 2 X1 boxes. One works fine and is not a Samsung TV. The other will not shut the Samsug tv off. It did for the first couple days. I can turn on the TV, change channels, change volume, everything the remote is supposed to do, but when I hit power to turn the Samsung TV off it will not. Again, it did work for a couple days. The power light on the TV flashes when trying to turn the TV off so it's getting a signal from the remote and again, I can turn the TV on with the remote and everything/all features work except turning the TV off.
I have reset the remote and re-set it up the remote for a Samsung. Everything including turning the TV on works with the remote except for turning the TV off like before. Tried all the codes and still, everything but power off from the XR15 remote works.

For now I just manually turn the TV off but does anyone know what this might be from? I can try my other remote and even move the X1 to the other TV but the fact that it worked after the installer left for at least 2 days and then quit turning off the TV makes me think it's got to be a setting or something. Had it never worked I would think otherwise.

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