Xr11 remote won’t pair with correct x1 box



I recently had issues with my XR15 remote pairing with my cable box in my living room (not the main box). I chatted with an employee a few days ago and they sent a brand new XR11 remote. However, I’m having the same issues when attempting to pair this new remote with the cable box.

Anytime I hold the setup button, the light changes from red to green. When I press the Xfinity button after that, the on-screen pairing code does not display on the living room TV. Instead, the code is displayed on the main cable box in our master bedroom upstairs. I’ve attempted the following troubleshooting attempts:
1. I’ve replaced the batteries
2. I’ve placed the remote directly in front of the cable box I’m trying to pair it with
3. I’ve reset the box I’m trying to pair the remote with
4. I’ve reset the main cable box
5. I’ve “refreshed” the system and waited the 10-20 mins for it to finish its refresh.

Nothing seems to help.

"Xr11 remote won’t pair with correct x1 box," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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