XR15 Remote connection "Please verify your phone number"



I got a new box today for my living room. When I went to set it up, I was unable to pair the remote with the box because it was stuck on select a language. I finally got past that and I have no idea how, but now I am stuck on please verify your phone number. It won't let me pair the remote because it won't let me get past the verify the phone number which I can only do if the remote is paired with the box. I have searched and searched for an answer to this and coming up empty. I have been through the entire process including chatting and on the phone with support who said they would call me back and have yet to do so. They were troubleshooting everything but the remote it seems. Is there any way to move past the please verify your phone number without pairing the remote? And if not, is there a way to pair the remote when I don't get any screen with a code to enter. I'm at my wits end.

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