XR15 Remote Does Not Work



Got my new equipment last week and all setup between Wednesday and Thursday. Everthing is real nice, just lovey-dovey.

Used one of my televisions yesterday morning. Just sat down now to use it this afternoon the first time since yesterday morning when all was last good. I picked up the remote to turn it on and the lights don't light up. Ok, lets grab some batteries. Changed the batteries, same thing. The remote does not have power from what I can tell. Brand new mind you, not used. I grabbed one from one of my other televisions that I have my logitech doing the work for and reset and repaired it to the box with the non-functioning remote. Back in business.

Thoughts or suggestions, or do I need to have a new remote sent to me?

"XR15 Remote Does Not Work," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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