XRE-10007 Error - need help

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I am getting the dreaded XRE-10007 error. However, here is my setup:

XG1v4-A - hard wired to my home network

XI6-T - hard wired to my home network

XI6-T - hard wired to my home network (Brand new box from xfinity store).

All are on same network, there is a MoCA filter on the input of the splitter. This just started happening, the MoCA filter has been in place for a couple years. I also own my own modem, but have been told by tech support that you can own your own modem and they sent a tech out, tech wouldn't look at it said it was a moca communication error with my modem and wouldnt do anything about it - yet I dont understand that - It doesn't touch the modem for communication between boxes. It's all hard wired LAN. Literally plugged into the exact same switch. Basic setup.

Comcast please help! This is frustrating - brand new tv and setup in my basement and I have to keep hitting try again to watch TV.

"XRE-10007 Error - need help," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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Not open for further replies.
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