XRE 10007 Error on companion box - so what to do next?



My XRE 10007 story is similar to many others on the forum. Long story short, I had a working Pace PX022ANx in LR and a working Pace PXD01ANI in Master. Wanted to add Pace PXD01ANI in Guest and went down the XRE 10007 Rabbit Hole with many hours of customer support; swapped out cabless and box but no change with On Demand working and Wifi via Smart TV.

Looked at many XRE 10007 posts for suggestions/hints and found the recommended reboot procedure, but it did not work.

Moved box to Master and it worked, based on several other posts about MoCA figured it was time to look at the cabling etc. In Guest wall jack and found a BroadCom splitter on main feed INto condo and one drop OUT to room and another OUT cable that tuirned out to be feeding the other drops. Swapped that BSP102D splitter out with new one from Xfinity and no change, even with procedure.

Then found True Spec splitter 5-500Mhz in wall jack shared by LR and Master with its IN fed by OUT of Guest splitter and OUTs to each box. Replaced that splitter with the BroadCom 5-1000 Mhz and then followed the procedure again. All TVs now work and can see MoCA stuff on Tech Diag screen using EXIT, DWN ARROW, DWN ARROW, 2

Keeping fingers crossed - guess that didn't work as the error is back

Tried reboot procedure again and no good starting with LR then MASTER.

Disconnected Guest and Master freezes etc. and started getting RDK 03033 message, but now STB does not even respond to remote with OR without voice

Got back on the phone. with customer service, who noted all the issues in their call log and stated a free technician visit will be made available. Was also promised a phone call as follow up at start of their shift today.. Even then had to go through the 'we will text you after our system checks/resolves the issue. Of course the issue still existed and I replied N, but as of yet have not called the number in the TXT - they used to call us but now we have to call them. I am trying to decide what to do

Woke up and in wall box for LR/MASTER relaced the jumper to MASTER wall jack from the BSP102D splitter with a new cable from Xfinity. Tried the procedure once more......not working and now got additional unable to connect to INTERNET messages. The MoCA diagnostic screen on LR shows some numbers sometimes and then zeros on the MoCA mesh as the pixellation, freezing and the no internet mesages came up.

Gave up on MASTER and tried procedure for GUEST but leaviing main box off for longer and GUEST came up. Took pictures on LR and GUEST TVs of MoCA and other screens from Technician Diagnostics. Feeling unhopeful moved on to MASTER and than also came up now. Again took pictures of the MoCA Technician Daig information like MoCA mesh transmission rates and MoCA node numbers.


Is it a service level problem - into condo RX,TX, SNR, dBA? Is it an internal cable, connector issue to be fixed in a technician visit? Is it still a MoCA issue, as even the Xfinity splitters are not indicated for up to 2Ghz (the MoCA diagnostics show 1150/1175 as the channel)?

Do I scheddule my no-charge technician visit now? Do I wait until it happens again? Do I replace the 3 splitters (GUEST to wall jack and feed to LR/MASTER; LR/MASTER to wall jacks and LR for Cable Modem/STB? or should Xfinity do that? In a technician visit what else should I have them do?

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