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You can see from my profile that I live in the UK. Over here the preferred antenna (aerial) design is the Yagi array - see www.aerialsandtv.com

From a number of your photo albums and adverts I notice that in the US you seem to go for arrays of "bow-ties" in front of a mesh. Is there any particular reason for this? I'm not claiming that our preference is superior - just wondering.

Mike, in general, UK UHF frequencies are divided into several discrete bands. Generally, Yagis are easiest to effectively implement for narrow ranges of frequencies. With our much wider band of UHF frequencies, especially for antennas designed before our recent spectrum realignment, the wide-band characteristics of fan-shaped dipoles has generally provided better frequency coverage.

Yagis are indeed used over here and are often used when all the UHF towers are in one relative location. However, many US markets have widely separated tower locations and the broader beamwidth of certain panel antennas is useful for picking up these widely separated signals.