Yahoo, Hulu, and AOL looking for online ad revenue with original shows


, Blogger: Orry's Orations
Yahoo, Hulu, and AOL have all spent part of last week trying to woo advertisers into spending their money on their online TV offerings. Convincing potential sponsors to switch from traditional TV viewing to web programming is not necessarily an easy sell. At least, that is the view of some analysts who claim digital markets are too small to draw the needed money to really grow. Others argue that point, advocating that online media is a natural evolution.

At the Digital NewFronts event in New York, Yahoo promoted the Ed Helms (The Office) series, Tiny Commando, and Losing Your Virginity With John Stamos. Tiny Commando focuses on a four-inch tall private detective and will also feature Gillian Jacobs (Community). The Stamos (Full House) reality series will show him interviewing other celebrities about their very first sexual experience.

Hulu presented The Awesomes, a show it hopes will be its breakout hit as it continues to pursue original programming success. Seth Meyers (Saturday Night Live) star in this series about a superhero. It also promoted the Eva Longoria starter, Mother Up.

AOL had Sarah Jessica Parker on hand for its presentation to the advertisers, hoping she could bring in money for her documentary series, City.Ballet, that she is executive producing. Other new shows it pushed featured personalities Sandra Vergara, Jonathan Adler, and Nicole Richie.

Rather or not the event met one of its goals, that being to lure one billion dollars in advertising dollars to the web, is yet to be seen.