Yahoo! Screen now on Roku


Yahoo! Screen is now available as a channel on the Roku. According to the official Roku blog, the content available includes clips from SNL, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, South Park, and more.

I only looked at its offerings briefly, but it seems there is a lot of clips that are already available on other services. It aggregates from a variety of other websites and sources like ABC News, CollegeHumor, Vevo, Buzzfeed, and The Onion.

One particularly interesting series I haven't seen elsewhere is "The Weekly Flickr" with profiles and information about photography that ties in with Flickr (also a Yahoo! service). I definitely plan to check that one out.

It also seems that this may be a good general service for those who don't pay for Hulu and can't access YouTube on their Roku.

Have you used Yahoo! Screen on the Roku, or another device? What do you think?