Yamaha's 2009 Receivers Available Now

All models except the RX-V365 have 4 HDMI inputs. For Bass lovers, the RX-V565, RX-V665 and RX-V765 have two subwoofer outputs. The RX-V665 has Sirius XM radio compatibility and multi-zone audio output.

The following are Retail Prices, so you should be able to get a better deal in stores or online.

RX-V365 $250
RX-V465 $380
RX-V565 $480
RX-V665 $550
RX-V765 $650

Here are the product pages from Yamaha for each unit:

I'll stick with Denon. :p I had a Yamaha tuner back in 02-03 or so, and it would have intermittent sound problems which would fix itself if I turned the unit off and on. Had something to do with going into power saver mode....so I haven't looked at any of their latest releases. :)
This thread reminds me of the fact that I still have my old Yamaha analog receiver that I bought back in the early 80s. I could only afford the least expensive receiver so I bought it and it is still with me.