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I saw the show at Bethel Woods last Friday. Here is a picture of me (on the left wearing the CoachUSA uniform), my buddy Stu and just over my shoulder is Peter Frampton. It was a great show at a great venue and the weather was perfect. Click on the image to see it larger.


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“Everyone knows rock n’ roll attained perfection in 1974; It’s a scientific fact.”
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Too old too rock and roll, too young to die?

You're never too old to rock and roll, But some bands should just hang it up. I saw Vanilla Fudge a while back, and thought this- and that was well over 10 years ago. I'm sure there's more.

What bands are still good live these days? I'll give a vote for Kansas, I saw them about 4 years ago and they sounded pretty good, even on Fremont Street in Vegas and without Kerry Livgren.

I've seen some rock shows in the day, but I don't get to see anything anymore.
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I saw Rush in the 70's, Angel, Rush, Blue Oyster Cult. Cost me like $10. AWESOME show... I've still got 35 mm ektachromes from that show.

What a RUSH.


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How about writing a front-page review article as I did for the Red Green Live Show? I wish I had been there to share it...

Here is what I have to say about it..

Nice show. Frampton was good. David Benoit was good but really no match for Jon A. Oliver was good but he is not his dad. It almost seems like a changing of the guard is happening but it's not time for that yet. Let David and Oliver go out and find people who could play like Steve, Alan and Chris and call themselves YES2. I wouldn't even mind if they opened for YES1. Call it a side by side comparison. Maybe even younger people might enjoy YES2 more and new music they could create in the YES style. To me, nothing beats the line-up of Jon, Chris, Steve, Alan and Rick. Only that is the true YES to me. I had been to about 12 YESshows in my time. In the past, Jon would be the only one to talk a little between songs. Hearing Chris and a little of Steve talking was interesting. Here I was missing Jon as well. Bring back Jon and Rick and let them all do a little conversing would be fun I was thinking. After all, they all have mouths. My buddy Stu (pictured above) probably has 30 behind him and said this would probably be the last time he would go for this line-up. I might go again only because it was practically in my back yard as I live in Liberty.

For the first time I brought my 17 year old daughter who thanks to me knows and kinda likes YES music. She was ho-hum about the idea of going (she mostly goes for something like the Jonas Bros.) but came away loving the show. She said the music was great and the lighting and other special effects were outstanding. Everyone here has to agree with that. They said the show would start at 7:30 and folks, I have a radio controlled watch and that show started exactly at 7:30. Not a single minute late! A splendid weather night with a first quarter moon shining and a soft breeze blowing from right to left (facing the stage) in the Catskills even made the show that much better.

Frampton was pretty good. He sounded pretty much like he always did. "Do you Feel Like I Do" was alot of fun. But I went to see YES.

The only thing that went wrong was the concession stands. The one to the right of the stage anyway as just before the show started they had lots of some things ready and none of some others. It's true that it was the first concert of the season but I hope they get the bugs worked out on that one as lines became incredibly long because of people waiting for their food over this. Can anyone who was there chime in on how this issue went on the left side of the stage?

Ringo Starr & his All Starr Band will be playing at Bethel Woods this Saturday night. I might just be there for that one too.
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I thought this might be interesting to everyone here who might know that Bethel Woods Center of the Arts (where I saw YES & Peter Frampton) is located at the site of the original Woodstock Music & Arts Festival in August 1969.

There used to be a site all about Woodstock and a Woodstock Museum (not to be confused with the current one at Bethel Woods) located in Kauneonga Lake (just 3 miles from Bethel Woods). It talks alot about Art (Mr. Woodstock) Vassmer, the proprietor of "Vassmer's General Store" who I never met but I did meet Marion (Art's wife) and Debbie Fallon who was friends with the entire family and even lived with them for many years.

I became friends with Debbie when we worked together at ShortLine Bus Company (later bought by CoachUSA) but she didn't stay longer than a couple of years. I used to get her all kinds of ShortLine T-shirts and she gave me Woodstock T's. lol Always quick with a joke, when CoachUSA bought ShortLine, the driver uniform changed and I was with her when she first saw one. The new uniforms looks like those of a ship's captain containing epaulets on the shoulders. She asked one guy what rank he was. She was a fun lady and i miss her very much.

The site was nowhere to be found for the last almost 10 years since the untimely death of Debbie. I remember her being just about my age and I am 53 now. It looks like the Town of Bethel has just ressurected the site looking just as it used to. There are still links in there to contact Debbie (I see them at the bottom of all pages I have looked at so far) but as I said, she has passed on. The museum that became a part of Vassmer's General Store was a treat but Vassmer's closed altogether several years ago.

With that all being said, here is a link to the old museum. Enjoy.
Old Bethel Woodstock Museum

Hey! While I am at it, here is a link to the Bethel Woods Museum.
Bethel Woods Museum
If you take a CoachUSA bus from New York or Middletown, NY, that bus that you see on that site may be driven part of the way by me. That museum is a great adventure.

BTW.. Earlier I said I may see Ringo Starr & his All Starr Band here on June 26th and I did. It was a great show with many surprises. Don't miss it if it comes to your town!

Next up at Bethel Woods for me is The Moddy Blues but a friend wants me to see New York Philharmonic
Bramwell Tovey, Conductor
Mikhail Simonyan, Violin
Performance ends with spectacular fireworks celebrating Independence Day

I will probably go for that.