You can now post Youtube videos on the forum!

Jason Fritz

Staff member
We've recently updated the site to include the ability to post YouTube videos.

How to post YouTube Videos:

When starting a thread or replying to a post, make sure you're in the advanced posting mode. You will see a YouTube icon in the tool bar just above and to the left of the smilies. Click it which will give you [ YOUTUBE ][ / YOUTUBE ] (without the spacing.

After you've done that, you can insert the website address of any YouTube video you want inside of the [ YOUTUBE ]"Insert YouTube Video Address Here"[ /YOUTUBE ](without the quotes).

PM me if you need any help!



Wonderful, another great tool to play with. Thank you for this option and the great detailed explanation, Jay. It could get pretty interesting. Hmmm, now to decide what to add where. Muuaaa...haaa...haa..


Thanks, Jay! I never thought I'd use the YouTube post option, but as it turns out, when I created a thread about Sarah Palin's recent (10/18) appearance on SNL. I figured I'd give it a try. And guess what? It was super easy....

Awesome new option!


OK Go video...

The OK Go music video is pretty cool. There was a documentary about them on Current TV on how they made the video. Turns out it was pretty tedious.

Jason Fritz

Staff member
My question is, how can I resize a video on the forum?
Hello and welcome to the forum,
The forum software will automatically resize the video to fit into any posted threads or replies. We've updated our software and have new tags to use for posting videos..... [ video] url [ /video ] without any spacing.