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If you run into a problem trying to download a file in Fx 3.5 and the dialogue box always comes up Open with and program, yet you want to download it, Save File, here is the answer.

In prior versions of Fx you could set the operations of mime types, but in their brilliance (sarcasm) they have made it automatic, and when people complain, it's not a bug but the problem with the web site if you look in the bug reports. Well if it's a problem with some web sites, then most websites I visit have this "bug". Another case of arrogant programmers blaming anyone but their own coding, lol.

I struggled for months trying to figure out how I could download zip and rar files without every time changing it from "Open with" to "Save File". The box "Do this automatically for files like this from no on" was grayed out.

This is the most bizarre work around I have ever seen but it works.

Go to Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire and download a rar or zip file, which ever gives you problems or both from that site. Suddenly the do this automatically box is not grayed out. You can then choose to Save File and it will stay that way. I found this on another forum and the person that posted it said they tried other sites but only MediaFire works. Notebook Forums and Laptop Discussion - View Single Post - Firefox 3.5 RAR/AVI Files Autodownload Bug Workaround?

Who knows, but it works.

Note, you will have to google to find an open share on their site, as they don't index or list the files people have stored. This apparently works on any mime type screwed up in Firefox. Weird..........