Your Comcast WiFi will be a public network!


"Customers in select cities with Comcast-assigned wireless gateway modems have a primary, private wireless network and a secondary network. This second network is broadcast publically, and is available to those who are not even Comcast customers (on a time-limited basis or for a fee, however)."

Wow-have you heard of this? Sounds good but sounds kinda weird...allowing free wifi from your equipment. Why pay then? It reminds me of file sharing..if you know what I mean. Everybody shared in order to make things work.

PC Magazine tells us more.
More proof Comcrash doesn't give a rip.

Wow-have you heard of this?
Yes, we've been posting about this for a year or so.

9news said:
"By making so many WiFi signals out there more available, of course it's making it available to hackers, although of course Comcast would say no it's not," Graham said.
Nooooo #%$! kidding!

9news said:
"I'm very confident that at least a middle schooler or high school kid somewhere in the world will be able to [hack into your router]," Soma said.
I'm 62 years old, and *I've* done it, to people in my neighborhood with older protection schemes on their WiFi -- just to prove I could. Then I turned it off, cause I have a conscience. Were I 22 and BROKE -- not too sure those bank accounts would be safe.

9news said:
When a 9NEWS employee with Comcast service followed the online opt-out instructions, they ... didn't offer any way to opt out. ... by phone. After 42 minutes ... we were told it's impossible to opt out."
Lovely. So one million people will be "given" this, with no way to opt out, so Comcast can charge nonsubscribers on a per minute basis. Think "Aunt Mildred," with $8,000 in the bank ... there are thousands of Aunt Mildreds among those one million ... never even HEARD of a firewall ... wiped out overnight ... identity theft ... doesn't matter! Comcast can expand their base.

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AS I mentioned before, just to prove I know I am repeating myself....a little HS kid hacked into aour Starbux using his phone. he had full control of the cash system. Not saying Sbux is super high tech but think about it!


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I notice that there is a "xfinitywifi" network in my neighborhood. I haven't tried to use it since I have CenturyLink (may Comcast die). I haven't tried to use it, but it is there.

Edit: I tried it, they want me to sign in or try a free trial. #&$% you Comcast. ;)
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