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What was your first receiver and do you still have it? My first receiver was a Yamaha (don't remember the model number) that I picked up back in the early 1980s. I bought the lowest price model but it sound great and was something that I could afford. And yes, I still have it but I don't use it any more.


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OK so at the risk of showing my age..

In 1970, I got a Columbia Mastersworks Receiver with plastic speakers.. lol

OK the first real one was a 1972 Pioneeer SX-828. Here is a link.

Find a link on that page to my next receiver. The Pioneer SX-1250.

PS.. The Master didn't work too good. :)


My first was purchased from Radio Shack back in 1975. I don't remember the model number, but it was connected to 4 Marantz speakers. It had 100 watts per channel and good specs on the distortion. I sold it in a yard sale last summer. The new owner is still enjoying its performance. I did keep my turn table and album collection.:bigband:


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I just sold a Pioneer SX-1050. :( I will be getting a top of the line SX-1250 eventually to replace it. :)

My first reciever was a Radio Shack top of the line Realistic STA-2600. Really liked it....amplifier spec of 100watts RMS per channel RMS into 8ohms @low harmonic distortion a little optimistic. Nothing close to the Onkyo Integra and Pioneer SX 1050 I later acquired. However the Digital readout panel and lite touch controls worked well and were pleasing. The volume control knob felt lite and cheap though it was nice size. Nice styling, with wood veneer side panels and large digital readout panel. These were available in the mid 80s. The late 70s stuff was much better and some of it was made by Pioneer!

Okay, so it's a receiver, not a tuner. Those "in the know" know this unit has an absolutely KILLER tuner! Modified, it takes a back seat to almost nothing else.
The big brother to the vaunted STA-2280, the 2600 has more power and an even (slightly) better FM section. This one appears to have been brand new still in the box!
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My first receiver was a Technics which i bought as a bundle with a dual cassette deck, turntable and 2 large speakers in the early 70's from an electronics store called Sun TV. I dropped about $400.00 bucks on the whole system, seemed like a lot of money back then but nearly 40 years later all still work very good. I have the receiver hooked up in the basement, the tape deck and phono are boxed up havent used them in a while. I'm going to incorporate the speakers into my new home theater room though. Those babys have sent out a lot of waves and still sound crystal clear. I would put it up with one of the best purchases i have ever made!


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Radio Shack with the proceeds from my first job, 1978. Model? Can't remember. Cost? Paid too much. Disposition? Mmm, junk I think. It started getting noise out of 1 channel. When thieves cleaned out my apartment TWICE in one week in about 92, it was left behind... leading me to the conclusion that it was someone I knew, who knew the amp had problems.


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My first receiver was a Sharp I inherited from my grandma. It had a turntable, AM, FM and 20 watts per channel I think. It was probably 1970s vintage or so. It's at my dad's house.