Your Initial Reaction?

When the transition to the new digital television was thrown out there, what was you initial reaction to the change? Do you think everyone is ready to get a new tv if they don't have one? Are you ready?
I have nothing against the choice to own digital television, any more than the choice to upgrade to a brand new computer when yours gets old.

However, forcing it on people, to me, is un-american. but that's just my opinion.

My initial thought was 'oh great, first the Y2K bug now this!' (remember how many who heard of it panicked and bought 'Year-2000 compliant' appliances, TVs, VCR,s CARS?


Digital television didn't bother me at all when it was first announced. I was ready to make the transition months before it was about the air. Since they delayed the actual release of the new television, I have more time to buy a few move tvs in my house.