Your OTA Installation!


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Tell us all about your OTA installation (any and all of the following are optional):

  • Add a picture!
  • Add a cabling diagram or description...
  • TVFool results...
  • How many stations do you get?
  • How many channels do you get?

Bonus points for lots of stations/channels or tricky installations.


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My home antenna in Canberra, ACT - Australia:


Antenna used: Bitek Australia

(Alright, but better models available for more coin - dont really need them in my location though)

Very good signal area, but obviously no TV Fool here. System requires heavy attenuation otherwise it will overload tuner. As is the norm here, all stations are co-located.

System runs directly from aerial to attenuator, to splitter, to two outlets.

I get all 5 stations available in my area- ABC, SBS, CBN, CTC, and WIN. (CBN and CTC are known outside of industry as Prime7, Southern Cross 10 - TV stations dont normally identify their callsigns here) The numbers do not denote channels, and just represent affiliations to metro networks (the metro networks are named after their original analog channels - for those who are interested, WIN is a 9 affiliate and is pronounced as "win", not "double-u - eye - enn").

Real channels (these will all be changed once we clear >CH51 for 4G services - SBS will move to VHF, and some channels will move around within VHF):
ABC - 9A
SBS - 30
CBN - 12
CTC - 6
WIN - 11

Our "virtual channels" (actually LCNs) work a little differently than the US. A bit complicated to fit in this already big post.

All of the stations in my area currently have 4 channels each, for a total of 20 individual channels (+ 4x DVB Radio channels).
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Well wiring in my case is from the rooftop antenna to an splitter of two ways outside brand tru spec for dish, and the wiring to living room and kitchen,

With the antenna that have 13 elements with reflector and 15DB gain get the following TV stations

Canal 4 la red virtual 4.1 real 27uhf
TVN HD 7.1real 33
TVN SD 7.2
Mega HD 9.1 REAL 28
Chile visionHD 1-2 11.1-11.2 real 30uhf

Canal 13HD 13.1-real 24
Canal 13 cable 13.2
El mostrador TV 26 uhf very weak and unstable signal.

No TV fool or alike stuffs in here the the channel 11 both mux are in HD one with the normal channel the second with orchestra music which gets repeated the videos

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Here is our recently completed antenna (Winegard HD7000R) installation in Las Vegas, NV, USA.


I also installed an additional box to allow for more room for the cabling that was previously bent and shoved into the outer wall and labeled everything so I wouldn't forget what is going where.


I can receive over 40 channels but have pared it down to the 13 that I am interested in watching.

Here is the link to TV Fool - TV Fool

Lastly, here are a couple of diagrams that I made for my own use of the coax and antenna wiring.

Coax Wiring.jpg Antenna Wiring.jpg

Thanks for all the help from the board!


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Here is the link to my antenna system:

It has two antennas in two locations. Both are home built. I'm renting, so I don't have access to the roof. I'm using a folded-dipole loop antenna in the backyard for VHF and a reflectorless Gray-Hoverman in the upstairs master bedroom for UHF. The cabling from each antenna runs into the crawlspace under my house. They are combined using a UVSJ and then amplified using a Kitz Tech KT-100VG. Then the signal is split to 4 TVs using the existing cable TV wiring (quite long cable runs). I get 100% reliable reception on 23 channels from Denver (48+ miles and second edge to the northwest) and Colorado Springs (25 miles LOS to the south).

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