Your subscription does not include this channel - DirecTV

I replaced my 4 HD DVR setup with the Genie system and 3 mini receivers almost a month ago. Ever since that change, I can no longer stream channels to the app or even to my laptop via the website. Additionally I cannot perform remote scheduling any longer. All I get is an error that my subscription does not include this channel. These are base channels that are in my package like CNN, ESPN, TNT etc. All of this worked in my home before with old DVRs and prior to having the Genie system.

I have now called support 4-5 times and have had at least three escalations. Changes were made to my account last week in an attempt to fix this issue. Now I can stream 11 channels.
They are 239, 259, 295, 333, 557, 565, 566, 568, 570, 572 and 573. So minor progress was made. Still remote scheduling doesn't work on any channel. When I select a channel and typically have the record option, I get a message that says "please add record support for this account".

please help! phone support has been very underwhelming. I don't have time to keep calling and walking through the issue over and over. If I can't get my account straightened out, I will consider leaving Directv and going to Dish, even after 10-15 years of Directv.

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