YouTube launches paid subscription service with over 50 channels available


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YouTube has officially begun offering its paid subscription service to the masses. The Internet giant is now serving up over 50 channels as paid channels at monthly fees ranging from 99 cents to $2.99 each.

View attachment 2339 Some view the lineup as a chance for independent filmmakers and those with alternative programming to be viewed by a wider audience and gain more revenue.

While not all shows will be aired without commercials, the majority of the offerings will be ad-free.

Internet viewers can test out YouTube's new service for free for 14 days before being charged for the subscriptions via either credit card or Google Wallet.

Among the 50+ channels now available for pay are Baby First PLUS, BIGSTAR Movies, Cars.TV, Comedy.TV, Retro dhx, Docurama, GayDirect, Jim Henson Family TV, JusticeCentral TV, National Georgraphic Kids, PGA Digital Golf Academy, PRIMEZONE Sports, and TYTplus.

The Jim Henson Family TV brings with it Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, Sid the Science Kid, and Pajanimals Sleep Experts among others.

Another paid channel is Laugh Factory VIP which presents shows such as The Kevin Nealon Show and the Supreme Court of Comedy. Then there is Acorn TV which airs British shows such as the mysteries Pie in the Sky and Midsomer Murders.

The full list of YouTube paid channels is available here: Just click on the channel of your preference to see what shows are available.
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