YouTube on the move, redefining new channels

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From the article:

"YouTube is enlisting Hollywood's help to reach a generation of viewers more familiar with smartphones than TV remotes. The online video giant is aiming to create 25 hours of programming per day with the help of some of the top names in traditional TV." ...

... "YouTube isn't the only Web video service that has started to pay for original content. Netflix Inc. recently launched the original series "Lilyhammer," while Hulu premiered "Battleground." But YouTube videos tend to be under 10 minutes, instead of fitting into traditional half-hour or hour-long TV slots. And aside from a few guidelines, ultimate control is given over to the artist, including what is uploaded and when new episodes appear." ...

YouTube enlists big-name help to redefine channels - BroadcastNewsroom


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The reason that most Youtube videos are less than 10 minutes is that accounts that don't have advertising are limted to about 11 minutes. On the other hand, "channels" that allow YouTube advertising aren't limited in video length. I'm sure the new channels won't be limited since they will be ad supported.