YPbPr Componet Video out from DVD Player to HDTV


I realize this is mostly a digital forum but I can't find anywhere else to ask this question. I have a coax cable for my TV2 from my Dish receiver. It is called a 322G Duo and is a standard definition receiver.

Right now I run the coax to the DVD and then to the HDTV with yellow/red/white composite cables. If I run YPbPr Componet red/blue/green for the video signal will I see an improvement? Or is the signal degraded inside the DVD player so that I won't see any difference?



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Greetings Pat, welcome to the Forum :welcome:

It is possible, that there may be some limitations created with your DVD, but...
Just in case, I would replace ANY Coaxial with a higher Definition Cable wherever possible.

I'm sure you already know...
Coax is the lowest, then
Composite (Y/R/W) is next, then
S-Video is next, then
Component (YPbPr)+(R/W) is next, then
HDMI is the best.

If there is any cable which can be replaced, I'd do it.
If nothing else, you would at least get an improvement when watching a DVD.
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It makes me feel so old. I remember when coax was da bomb.
It's actually more sane now than it was a few years ago.

Now you just need one cable - HDMI. Handles digital video, audio and even control and ethernet. My bedroom setup is all HDMI and I can't believe how it simplified all of the cabling. Prior to that I had multiple audio/video cables and had to choose between S-video, composite and component.