Zenith DTT900 and Digital Stream DTX9900 Reception

I have 2 converter boxes, Zenith DTT900 & a Digital Stream DTX9900. I have the box connected to my vcr & tv using the audio/video cables for the tv. I was receiving 8 to 9 digital channels for quite awhile and now I’m only getting the 2 pbs channels and 2 others when the signal gets a little higher but they don’t go higher than about 27 or 30, not like 78 like they did before. Last Fri & Sat I was gone but I programmed my vcr to record on ch 3 with the channel that I set the converter box to and it did. While we were gone Sat night we lost power, long enough for the vcr clock to go off and stay off. When we got home Sun all was back on and I turned the box on and the tv and none of the channels came in haven’t since except for the pbs stations. I have rotated my antenna north using the rotator for ch 9.1, 7.1 & the 2 sub-channels and they don’t come in and neither does ch 29.1 & 29.2 or 33.1 when I rotate antenna back to the south where the pbs channels come in cause they all come in in the same direction, south where the tower is located. It just keeps saying weak signal and if I rotate the antenna (like I keep doing) it just doesn’t do anything and I don’t know what else to try cause I’ve done everything. At times the 29.1 etc channels will come in but it takes awhile and the picture looks like broken glass but than it will be ok and than just go off again. I don’t understand why they were all coming in so good and now they aren’t and why I’m only getting 2 instead of the 8 or 9 I had. Right now they are trying to come back on so I know the antenna is set where it should be, but the signal just won’t go up. I sure could use some help cause I am at my wits end and if you have any suggestions that I could try I would so appreciate it. I’m pretty savvy with electronics but this has me stumped. Also, can you tell me the digital channels airing now, are they only on partial power in order to keep analog channels on until the change in Feb? Someone at my local channel here told me that and I kind of figured that out. Thanks so much.