Zenith dtt900 technical questions


"What is the recommended RF input level?
What is the maximum RF input level before causing distortion?
Is the Zenith DTT900 designed to output a constant RF output level
regardless of the channel it's tuned to?
Please describe the NOTICEABLE effects of applying too much signal to the RF input."


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The output of all the CECBs are remodulated with what ever they decode.
The RF output RF energy out of a CECB is constant. The modulation on it varies by what it decodes per channel.

I don't know the overload point of the Zenith, but it's one of the more tolerant boxes.

However I do know on any box what happens with too much digital signal is a loss or degrading of signal quality.

Way too much the station won't decode. Moderate overload the signal quality meter reads lower.

If you have a directional antenna you can sense overload if turning the antenna away from the station makes the signal meter go higher.