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Hi Jim,
I am about a block up the hill from Dexter and Hayes. that would be great if you could help find an antenna. I dont see where the IM is on this site?
Hi Jim,

Proud 2b ur friend. ;) I'm taking your advice: "Test! Try bizarre ideas and TEST!" The more bizarre, the more I like it.

Hello new to the forum and its great.
I have a couple of quesions about the SUPER Quad bowtie antenna...probably got the name wrong...aslo sorry if this is the wrong place to address this, just didn't see a tab to post on the page I was looking at.

I want to make a version of the Walltenna and yours. My questions:
1. Is there a spcific dimension for the ground insulators? I.E. spacing between the whisker arrays and the reflector?
2. What determines the spacing between the tips of each individual V (2"-5")?
3. Lastly will 4 whiskers work verses 8. If so do the baulin contacts have to be centered between them or can I run leads to the bottom and connect there...as with the walltenna?

My thought is to use a framed canvas...use copper tape for the leads/whiskers, cover the reverse side with foil (against wall) for a reflector and then have the baulin at the bottom.

Thanks for the help and forum.
Jeff Hernandez