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Hi Jim,
I am about a block up the hill from Dexter and Hayes. that would be great if you could help find an antenna. I dont see where the IM is on this site?
Thanks guys for the quick replies! Appreciate it!

BTW - I've having trouble getting the activation email - it won't come thru - I have NO filters - can the admin help me please?

It's frustrating

Thank you
Hi Jim,

Proud 2b ur friend. ;) I'm taking your advice: "Test! Try bizarre ideas and TEST!" The more bizarre, the more I like it.

Hello new to the forum and its great.
I have a couple of quesions about the SUPER Quad bowtie antenna...probably got the name wrong...aslo sorry if this is the wrong place to address this, just didn't see a tab to post on the page I was looking at.

I want to make a version of the Walltenna and yours. My questions:
1. Is there a spcific dimension for the ground insulators? I.E. spacing between the whisker arrays and the reflector?
2. What determines the spacing between the tips of each individual V (2"-5")?
3. Lastly will 4 whiskers work verses 8. If so do the baulin contacts have to be centered between them or can I run leads to the bottom and connect with the walltenna?

My thought is to use a framed canvas...use copper tape for the leads/whiskers, cover the reverse side with foil (against wall) for a reflector and then have the baulin at the bottom.

Thanks for the help and forum.
Jeff Hernandez
Had to go OTA, so I finally put my antenna mount and rotator on the roof and installed my Antennacraft FM-6 antenna. A friend scored me an Apex DT-502 converter and I will be putting up a UHF antenna shortly, when the weather permits. Not really pulling in a lot of extra stations.
I just picked up a Radion uhf antenna at an auction. Is anyone interested in it?
Hey Denny, I just now found your message. Ill try to update the guide to reflect that. I have some knowledge of how you got shafted, having the EZ HD branded as RCA and distributed through Walmart.



I noticed when reading EV's Favorite TV Antennas you stated the following when referring to the RCA ANT751 and Denny's EZ HD antenna. "These 2 identical units have higher gain on VHF High, about 7 dBd, and a bit lower on UHF, about 4 or 5 dBd".

This statement was true at one time but no longer. The EZ HD has been re-tuned to accommodate the frequencies now used to broadcast the digital signals. This improvement increased the UHF signal gain of the EZ HD by 2.2 dBd. The ANT 751 will not receive this improvement.

Best Regards,
Denny's Antenna
Thanks, EV. Wish I could find one locally.

Howfer the RCA ANT751 should do you well. Its a great antenna and will pick up Ch. 7 WITV on VHF High nicely as well.
Hello EscapeVelocity.....I am also interested in purchasing a Super Quad....thanks.
EV, If I may...

I live on James Island. I am trying to cut the cable while still making the wife happy. She mostly watches the major network programs anyway, so I'm looking for a recommendation for an antenna that will allow my hdtv to pickup WCBD, WCIV, WCSC, WTAT and WITV. My TV Fool result is TV Fool
Would you be so kind as to give me your opinion? I've been reading about the RCA ANT751.

Thank you,

Howie Ferguson